Black Dog Is A Laser-Accurate Trend Trading System

How Does It Work?

  • Works Based on Price-Action No more cash-erasing EA robots that work for a few months and then go permanently into drawdown
  • Works On Any Time Frame Price-action trading means that the Black Dog setup will work for any style of trading - day-trading, swing-trading, or position-trading
  • Works on Any Market Because Black Dog exploits price-action patterns, it works on any market - not just FOREX! Use the Black Dogs on FOREX, futures, equities, or options!
  • Gives Clear Entry and Exit Alerts No more guessing about when to trade and when to take profit. Gain confidence as you make trade decisions. And, if you are unsure, sign up to the right for our FREE FX market trend alerts to learn how to trade these setups. This is only offered at ... you won't get this deal anywhere else!

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Easy to Setup

The Black Dog system comes with five indicator packages / templates that are easily installed on your charting platform. No fuss, no hassle. Do you trade FOREX, stocks, indexes, or CFDs? Use Black Dog to analyze all of your favorite instruments.

Easy to Use

The Black Dog system is elegant and simple... learning the rules won't take long. Black Dog provides the analytical framework necessary to confidently make trade decisions.

Live Trading Room

Your one time purchase of the system grants lifetime access to the Black Dog trading room (no additional charge) and dozens of experienced traders. The trade room is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Highest usage times are during the London / New York sessions.

Black Dog Forum

The legendary forum contains over 20,000 posts from admin and users. There is something for everyone - novice to elite trader. Check out the trade journals of experienced traders and learn to emulate their successes.

Bonus Material

Visit the forum for free "extras" - indicators, ebooks, other trade systems, and private reviews of trading products.

Lifetime Support

Black Dog Dave and other admins have been around for ten years and aren't going anywhere. Support is quick and friendly. Similar sites might be unavailable for live support or ask for additional payment - not so with the Black Dogs.

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A Personal Note from the Owner of

I have been granted permission by Dave Atkinson - creator and owner of the Black Dog system - to present this opportunity. I am not an Internet marketing "guru," nor do I want to run a vast affiliate marketing empire. I am doing this because I am a strong believer in the power of the Black Dogs, and I share things about which I am passionate. I have been an active member of the forum since I purchased the system in early 2011. I have personally used many educational sites and purchased many books on trading, but I consider Black Dog to be one of the best decisions I ever made for my success.

So... when I tell you that this system is the real deal and has created value in my life... it isn't a sales pitch. I went from being an inconsistent trader to a consistently profitable trader.

It has been my observation that traders tend to jump from system to system and method to method - I was no different at one point in time. I attribute a good portion of my personal success to sticking with the Black Dog system for two years now. It is the only chart template that I use when making a trade decision for FOREX, equities, and futures. If you are committed to success and committed to learning, Black Dog will not let you down! When you join, be sure to drop by my personal journal to look at my trade results for each month or send me a private message.

For further support, contact me by email (info at or Skype (TradeWithDMT)... I am happy to answer any questions you might have!

Trade Setup Examples

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Several indicators are not pictured for proprietary reasons

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I have only one word to describe the trading community - the "best".

Syed M, forum member, Bangladesh

For somebody looking for a profitable system, like all of us, this should be a first stop.

user of prominent FOREX review site

The journals contain many examples of trades taken using Black Dogs. Dave has written extensively on tactics to use.

Nicholas K, forum member, UK


Get answers

Is Black Dog a mechanical system?

No. Black Dog is a chart template that reduces clutter and noise. It focuses you like a laser on the most viable trade setups by training you to see those setups. The trade decision to go long or short is governed by a set of rules that - if followed - will give you an edge by keeping you in line with the trend and prevent overtrading.


Is Black Dog difficult to learn?

No. An experienced trader could expect to learn and understand the chart templates and rulesets within weeks. We get new members every week and I often see them posting winning trades within a month or two. If you are brand new to Forex trading, I have only this to say... the learning curve for any new skill is directly proportional to your understanding of markets and the effort you put into learning the new skill. I can say with certainty that if you were to only trade Black Dog - it would be all you need to have a successful trading career. Black Dog is the only analysis framework that I use when making a trade decision.


Will I miss trades if I'm not constantly glued to my charts? What about repainting?

No, you will not miss trades.The Black Dog setup works on any time frame and alerts are triggered at bar close! This allows you to know exactly when your trade setups will occur. This also avoids the indicator repainting issue that negatively effects other mechanical or indicator-based systems.


Do you make wild claims or outrageous guarantees of becoming an instant millionaire?

I will refer to Dave's favorite saying: "Profits are not guaranteed... they are earned!" I can point you to a number of scammy long sales pages that make guarantees... I don't believe them and if you are honest with yourself, you don't either. If you are looking for a guarantee... buy a $99 Forex robot... and I'll guarantee that you will damage your account. If you are looking for top notch education and a trading framework that will make you profitable in the long term, then do consider Black Dog.

Don't hesitate...

Whether an expert or novice, Black Dog has the power to supercharge your trading account and give you the confidence you need to succeed. For the price of an EA that will only work for a few months, you gain access to the Black Dog forum, system updates, live trading room, and dozens of helpful mentors forever. Secure your membership and gain access to the system and forum immediately.

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